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Sichuan-style Cuisine


The western provinces of Sichuan and Hunan are known for their hot and spicy fishes. Both cooking styles favor the liberal use of garlic, scallions, and chilies. Sichuan food is distinguished by its hot peppery taste, while Hunan food is richer and a bit more oily.

If savory Cantonese food makes your mouth water, spicy Sichuan food makes your eyes water. Spicy is the universal and dominating taste you would notice with Sichuan food. It is believed that spicy food helps one to perspire in hot and humid summer while keeps one warm in winter in Sichuan. The raw materials are delicacies from land and river, edible wild herbs, and the meat of domestic animals and birds. Masterly used cooking techniques are saute, stir fry without stewing, dry braise,PAO (soak in water) and Hui (fry then braise with cornflour sauce).

Some Famous Dishes

One standard Sichuan dish is ma-po toufu, a bean curd dish with spicy minced pork. A highly recommended dish is stir-fried diced chicken with dry chili peppers. You can wash them both down with hot and sour soup. Kung-Pao beef, Diced chicken with chilli sauce, Double cooked pork are also some very popular dishes.
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