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Shandong-style Cuisine


Shandong cuisine can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn period. It was quickly developed in the South and North Dynasties, and was recognized as an important style of cooking in the Qing Dynasty.

Shangdong cuisine is famous for its wide selection of material and use of different cooking methodsThe raw materials are mainly domestic animals and birds, sea food and vegetables. The masterful cooking techniques include BAO (quick fry), LIU (quick fry with cornflour), PA (stew braise), roast, boiling, using sugar to make fruit, crystallizing with honey. Condiments such as sauce paste, fistulous onion and garlic are freely used, clear soup and milk soup are masterly used to add freshness to the dishes.

Some Famous Dishes

Soups and dishes prepared with scallions are especially wide known. Also famous are some sea food dishes: dishes braised along with shells, fried sea cucumber with fistulous onion and fragrant calamus in milk soup.

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