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Beijing-style Cuisine


For centuries Beijing has been the capital of China. Emperors of different dynasties all had the best cooks at their service. Thus, Beijing cuisine is inevitably influenced by the imperial cooking school. Actually, many of the dishes classified as Beijing style originated in the Empirical courts which had at the emperors' command the best of all the food of China. Even today, many fine restaurants boast of the unchanged royal recipes.

On the other hand, each change of dynasty saw a diverse population inflow from other parts of the country, accompanied by different styles of cooking. For this reason, Beijing cuisine is diverse in nature. All in all, combining variety and quality, Beijing cuisine is among the best in China.

Beijing-style meals usually include vegetable dishes, soups, toufu (soybean curd), and fish. The food is mild in taste, is often slightly oily, and vinegar and garlic are common ingredients; is frequently fried, stewed, or braised.

Dumplings and buns are some of favorite snack foods that are widely eaten in Beijing.

Some Famous Dishes

Beijing Roast Duck (Peking Duck)
This is the most famous dish among Beijing-style dishes, usually prepared for a minimum of six people, of which the crisp skin is the most prized part. Roast Duck's pieces are wrapped in thin pancakes with onions or leeks, cucumber, turnip and plum sauce. Upon request, the remainder of the duck meat can be sautéed with bean sprouts, and the bones made into a wonderful soup with cabbage.

Hot Pot
Hot pot is also a favorite dish for foreigners and local residents alike. People gather around a small pot boiled with charcoal, pour the slices of mutton for a while, then eat the meat with a specially made sauce.

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